Flats on Rent in Crossing Republik GH 7

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Crossing Republik GH 7 For Rent

Starting Rent

Property Details:-

Configuration Apartments

2, 3, 4 BHK

No. of Towers

12 Towers

Total Land Area

30 Acres

Total No of Unit


Maintenance Charge

2.10 Rs Per sqft

Shifting Charge


Unit Size Rent
2 BHK+2T 800 SQFT 10,000
2BHK+2T 1014 SQFT 15,000
2BHK+2T 1050 SQFT 20,000
2BHK+2T 1100 SQFT 20,000
2BHK+2T 1180 SQFT 20,000
2BHK+2T 1250 SQFT 20,000
2BHK+2T 1270 SQFT 20,000
3BHK+3T 1500 SQFT 20,000
3BHK+3T 1550 SQFT 20,000
3BHK+3T 1675 SQFT 20,000
3BHK+3T 1700 SQFT 20,000
3BHK+3T 1775 SQFT 20,000

Crossing Republik GH 7 Overview

Crossing Republik GH 7 project is strategically located in the city of Ghaziabad in the Crossing Republic's Crossing Republic. The price of this well-planned Crossing Republik GH 7 project ranges between Rs. 33. 5 Lac and Rs. 60. 0 Lac. This project covers 30 acres, consists of 2000 units, and has a peaceful setting surrounding them all. Residents of the Residential complex will enjoy several amenities that are suitable for people of all ages. It has ready-to-move-in units throughout. Apartments are available in three different types, all of which are designed to satisfy customers completely. You could choose from 2 BHK flats (1270.0 sq. Ft. to 1270.0 sq. Ft.), 3 BHK flats (1725.0 sq. Ft. to 1725.0 sq. Ft.). This well-planned area contains 12 towers, each with its unique benefits. In Uttar Pradesh, the exact address of this brilliant project is GH-7, Biharipur Village, Crossings Republic, Ghaziabad, 201016. Crossing Republik GH 7 is the epitome of comfort and convenience, all at a very competitive price.

About Crossing Republik

The famous builder behind Republik GH 7 is Crossing Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. This group dominates Republik Ghaziabad's real estate market. They are known for their high-quality work and on-time delivery of high-end Residential Apartments developed to exact specifications.A wide range of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are available at the GH-7 Crossings Republik.

The size of the property varies based on the amount of BHK's that are included. There are 14 floors in the GH-7 Crossings Republik. The layout of the Apartment on Rent in Crossing Republik GH 7 makes every room have ample natural light and air circulation. Beautifully designed interiors include:

● A designer tiled floor.
● Granite counter slab in the kitchen.
● Modern sanitary appliances in the bathroom.
● Large windows for adequate light.

Apartments for rent in Crossing Republik GH 7

People of all ages will be able to enjoy the Residential complex's top-notch facilities. Ready-to-move in all of the units. Among the many options, there are Flats, which were created to provide total enjoyment.

The property units are large, ranging in size from a 2 BHK Flat (1270. 0 Sq Ft - 1270. 0 Sq.) to a 3 BHK Flat (1270. 0 sq. Ft). (1725. 0 sq. Ft. - 1725. 0 sq. Ft.). There are 12 towers in this well-planned complex, each with its advantages. December 01, 2007, is the project's official debut date.
Features of Crossing Republik GH 7 for rent

The following amenities are available to guests of GH7 Crossings Republik:

● Gymnasium
● Lift.
● A swimming pool is also available.
● Badminton court, billiards table
● Track for running
● There is a tennis court on the lawn.
● Additionally, facilities such as a community hall are available through this organization.
● There is also parking available.
● Intercom,
● In addition to rainwater harvesting,
● There is also a clubhouse at this location.
● Wi-Fi and safety.

Advantage of taking Flats on rent in Crossing Republik GH 7

● Ghaziabad Junction railway station, located about 5 kilometers away, serves the area.
● There is a 20-kilometer drive and an hour's drive to get to Anand Vihar Terminal.
● About 1.5 hours away, the Indira Gandhi International Airport may be reached.
● Most township residential neighborhoods have retail sections, making it convenient for residents to shop.
● Sahibabad Industrial Area (16 km) and Meerut Road Industrial Area (16 km) are also easily accessible from the area (11 km).

Crossing Republik GH 7 Rent Contact Number

Please call our Crossing Republik GH 7 Rent Contact Number at +91 8527767076 if you're interested in renting a 1, 2, or 3-bedroom Flat for Rent in Crossing Republik GH 7. You can find out more about it here. No need to postpone any questions. We're here for you!