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Ajnara Gen X For Rent

Starting Rent

Property Details:-

Configuration Apartments

2, 3, 4 BHK

No. of Towers

7 Towers

Total Land Area

8 Acres

Total No of Unit


Maintenance Charge

2.10 Rs Per sqft

Shifting Charge


Unit Size Price
2BHK+2T 900 SQFT 10,000
2BHK+2T 950 SQFT 15,000
2BHK+2T 1000 SQFT 20,000
2BHK+2T 1050 SQFT 20,000
2BHK+2T 1055 SQFT 20,000
2BHK+2T 1100 SQFT 20,000
3BHK+3T 1520 SQFT 20,000
3BHK+3T 1530 SQFT 20,000
3BHK+3T 1575 SQFT 20,000
3BHK+3T+STUDY 1680 SQFT 20,000
4BHK+4T 2060 SQFT 20,000
4BHK+4T+STUDY 3150 SQFT 20,000

Ajnara Gen X Overview

The apartments in Crossing Republik of Ajnara Gen X in Ghaziabad offer the opportunity for investors to build wealth for the future. Bypassing Republik, the major workplaces of Ghaziabad, are within easy reach. The demand for real estate in Ghaziabad is constantly rising. Ajnara Gen X is conveniently located near several business establishments and well-known educational and healthcare institutions. There are no corners cut in the creation of Ajnara Gen X. It has everything you'd expect from a world-class community. Two-bedroom apartments with a maximum price of Rs 34.00 L and a property size ranging from 1000 Sqft to 1530 Sqft are available in this project. Three-bedroom apartments with a maximum price of Rs 68.58 L and a property size ranging from 1425 Sqft to 2017 Sqft are available in this project. Four-bedroom apartments with a minimum price of Rs 74.80 L and a maximum price of Rs 76.50 L. Ajnara Gen X's full address is Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad, India's Uttar Pradesh state.


About Ajnara group

One of India's leading real estate companies, Ajnara India Ltd, founded Ajnara Gen X in 1991. Executive Chairman G.P. Gupta and Managing Director Ashok Gupta lead the company, its headquarters in Noida. The company is a premier developer of hotels, residential, retail, and commercial properties with more than two decades of experience in real estate.

Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad Real Estate Flats & Apartments by Ajnara Group Developers & Builders. As a Limited Liability Company (Ltd.), Ajnara has grown to be a well-known name in the real estate industry, and its two decades of success and expansion have guided it.

Flats for rent in Ajnara Gen X

Apartment for Rent in Ajnara Gen X will not be disappointed by the high-end features of the apartments available. On the other hand, the apartments are ideally situated near commercial centers. When designing the Ajnara Gen X, the designers focused on creating a large open area and making the best use of the entire complex.

The best thing is that the Fully Furnished Flat for Rent in Ajnara Gen X is reasonably priced and the best investment you could make. 2, 3 & 4 BHK Flat for Rent in Ajnara Gen X provides you with world-class amenities and a location that meets all your necessary and recreational needs.

Features of Flats on rent in Ajnara Gen X

● Electricity is available at all times, even when the grid is down.
● Rainwater Harvesting.
● Security Cameras
● Personnel Charged With Maintaining Order
● Maintenance Workers
● Raise the bar
● Covered Parking for Automobiles
● Playing Cards
● Room for contemplation
● Playground
● Decoratively Planned Garden
● In-ground Pool
● Hospitals and other health care facilities
● Court for badminton
● Workouts in the gym.
● Court for the game of cricket

Advantage of taking Flats on rent in Ajnara Gen X

Apartment on Rent in Ajnara Gen X has several benefits. Residents may enjoy a gym, a swimming pool, a children's play area, a multipurpose room, and a jogging track, among other amenities. Residents can look forward to a joyful and stress-free existence. It is conveniently positioned in Ghaziabad's Crossing Republik neighborhood, making it easy to go to other city sections. Every municipal and commercial facility is closed, such as a school, college, restaurant, or hospital. Nearby transportation options include bus stops, train stations, and even an airport.

Ajnara Gen X Rent Contact Number

Restaurants, sports complexes, medical centers, educational institutions, and shopping malls are all within a short distance of the project. For further information on Ajnara Gen X's construction status, you can reach us at the Ajnara Gen X Rent Contact Number, 08527767076. Our knowledgeable staff will respond to any of your concerns promptly. So don't wait any longer!